About Big Wheels

Welcome to Big Wheels Auto Finance Data 2019.

The Big Wheels report is the only ranking of the Top 100 auto financiers in the United States. We are pleased to present our latest results for calendar year 2018, another record-breaking year for the auto finance industry.

We have been publishing Big Wheels annually since 1999 to track the loan and lease operations at banks, captive finance companies, credit unions, and independent auto lenders. The 2019 report features our one-of-a-kind data tool which allows you to access 11 years of historical data. This data tool is your opportunity gather and compare information from over the last decade.

The expansion of the Big Wheels service to include an online tool adds many capabilities for users, including the ability to filter the data by lender type, originations size, outstanding size and more. The historical data provides users with 11-years worth of Big Wheels data, from 2007 to 2018, a $6,000 value, for just $1,000. And it includes functionality that allows users to filter, sort, do year-to-year analysis, and export data — both originations and outstandings data — even after it is filtered.

As always, the Big Wheels report includes contact information for the Top 100 finance companies, as well as an origination forecast for 2019. The report and its data tool is intended to give you the information you need to compete or sell better.

Big Wheels Auto Finance Data is published by Auto Finance News, the auto finance industry’s leading news source. Since 1996, Auto Finance News has been the newsletter of record for the auto lending and leasing market.

Simply put, there is no other resource like Big Wheels. We put in an exhaustive effort to tabulate the industry. Big Wheels offers a unique window into who is doing what — and how successfully — in auto finance.

We thank you for your interest.