BIG Wheels Historical Data Tool

BIG Wheels has been expanded to offer an exclusive Historical Data Tool that takes 12-years of data and provides users with countless ways to apply it. From tracking competitors to creating a big picture of how the lending landscape has evolved over time, the historical data tool offers crucial information on where your company ranks and how marketshare is changing.

The historical data provides users with 11 years’ worth of BIG Wheels data, from 2007 to 2019 — a more than $6,500 value for only $1,000. The tool’s functionality allows users to filter, sort, analyze year-over-year, and export originations and outstandings data. It provides access to overall industry trends and enables users to compare market size, view outsandings and originations in graphical format, and forecast originations for the coming year.

This is your opportunity to gather and compare information from the past decade to create benchmarks and enhance your competitive analysis. This is data you can’t afford to be without, purchase your access to the Historical Data Tool today!


To purchase the 2020 BIG Wheels Data Report + Historical Data Tool, click below.

If you’ve already purchased the 2020 BIG Wheels Report, log in and click the Historical Data tab to upgrade.

Take a look below to see how users may navigate through the Tool and Amplify Your Business!