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The Big Wheels Report is the nation’s only tabulation of auto lending and leasing. The report, published annually since 1999, ranks the top auto financiers in the nation by loans and leases originated and outstanding.

The 2022 Big Wheels Report includes enhancements that provide a deeper understanding of the sector. For starters, the ranking by originations includes estimates for the percent of financing volume made for new vehicles. Additionally, Big Wheels 2022 includes data from a phone survey of customer service representatives at the nation’s 200 largest financiers. The reps were asked whether their institutions offered direct loans or direct leases, and whether a consumer could secure an auto loan with a credit score below 650 or below 550. Combined, these enhancements offer insight into the direction the industry will take through 2025.

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The report you are purchasing includes the 2021 data. The 2022 data will be included in the 2023 Big Wheels Report that will be released on May 1, 2023.